1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

The challenge is simple: read a book, any book, to your child with a goal of 1,000 before kindergarten.  

Why? Reading is associated as an early indicator of academic success. This exciting program helps kids gain the confidence to become strong readers, and encourages caregiver and child interaction through sharing books. It’s a simple yet fun approach to early literacy. 

How to Participate:

  • Infants, toddlers and preschoolers are eligible to participate by registering and picking up materials with Children’s Services or registering on Beanstack.
  • Start reading together. Read a book (any book) and track it on your child’s reading log. Yes, you can repeat books!
  • When you reach each 100-book milestone, add a sticker to your gameboard or track on your Beanstack app. The program is self-paced and can take a few months to a few years depending on how often you read. When you've read 1,000 books, come back to the Library and visit the Children's Services Desk for a special reward!
  • Ready to get started? Sign up on Beanstack or stop by the Children's Desk and get your materials.