Introducing cloudLibrary -- Over 100,000 audiobooks available for checkout. No waiting!

Log in with your library card and PIN to check out audiobooks from home or on the go. Titles check out for 3 weeks.


Get Started

Visit your device’s app store- Android, iOS, and more

  • Download the Cloud Library app.
  • Open the app and follow the directions to log in.
  • Enter your La Grange Public Library card number and PIN.
  • Select Login.

The home screen has your library card information, current checkouts, holds, alerts, and library news. You can pull up your card’s barcode by selecting the icon on the top right of the image of the library card.

Searching for Audiobooks

  • Select ‘Search’ at the bottom of the screen to see new and featured book-shelves.
  • Scroll down to browse more categories.
  • Select ‘See All’ to view all the titles in a bookshelf.
  • To find a specific title or author, select the 'Search' bar at the top of the screen and enter your search terms.
  • Find a title and select ‘Borrow.’ If the book is currently unavailable, select ‘Hold’ to reserve it.