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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Form and Content of FOIA Requests
Requests for public records shall be in writing and addressed to Freedom of Information Officer. Oral requests for public records will not be accepted.

The requester shall provide the following information in a request for public records:

  • A description of the public records sought, being as specific as possible.
  • A statement as to whether the request is for inspection of public records, copies of public records, or both.
  • A statement of purpose, indicating whether the requester intends to use the records, or the information derived from those records, for sale, resale, solicitation, or advertisement for sales or services.
  • A statement as to whether the requester is, or represents, news media or a non-profit, scientific or academic organization.
  • A statement as to whether the records need to be certified.

Submit your requests in writing to:

For more information about FOIA requests, view the Library's Freedom of Information Act Policy.

Freedom of Information Officer
La Grange Public Library
10 West Cossitt Avenue
La Grange, Illinois 60525