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Frequently Asked Library Card Questions
Q. I don’t have a La Grange Public Library Card. How do I get one?
A. Follow these 3 easy steps:
  1. Come to the Library with a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Your parent/ legal guardian will be asked to show proof that you live in La Grange (usually with a driver’s license).
  3. Fill out a registration card and your parent/ legal guardian will sign the back.
That’s it! Congratulations! Your card will be made for you while you wait, and you can use it the same day.

Q. My La Grange Public Library card already expired, or it will expire at the end of this month. How can I renew it?
A. Even if your card expired, hang on to it! If you’re aged 14 to 17, and you have a piece of ID with your name and current La Grange address (like a driver’s license, state ID, or school ID), and your current address is on your library card, you can renew your own card. Come in and show your library card and ID to a librarian at the Information desk (right as you walk in the door), and they’ll put new expiration date stickers on your registration card (we keep) and your library card (you keep). And you’re good to go! But when in doubt, bring your parent or legal guardian so they can show proof that you live in La Grange.

Q. My library card problem isn’t on this sheet. What should I do? Should I, like, freak out?
A. Please don’t worry or have an anxiety attack. If you recently moved from one house to another in La Grange, or you can’t find your library card, or you have a card from another library, or your puppy chewed up your card, or you have any problems or questions at all, CALL US. We want you to use your library, so don’t worry so much – just call the La Grange Public Library at 708.215.3200 and talk to a friendly Circulation Desk librarian.