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What's New in Reference and Reader Services
New Reference Sets
American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade
covers many aspects pop culture beginning in the 20th century.  Whether you want to learn about women's bathing suits in the 1920s or marketing trends of the 2000s, there's something for you in this 4-volume set.
The Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships
includes such topics as bonding with pets, ethics and protection of animals, and animals as sports mascots--and many other ways in which people and animals interact.
Are you looking for a new dishwasher? Maybe your snowblower gave up the ghost last winter?  Come and check our new Consumer Corner, located on the shelves next to the Reference Desk.  Here you'll find a binder with the most current issues of Consumer Reports, along with older issues as far back as 2003.  Looking for a used car, or do you want to sell your old reliable?  You can check the features of older model cars in The Car Book, and then check for fair prices with the Kelley Blue Book located in the same area. 
Our Literature in Foreign Languages section has also been moved to the shelving next to the Reference Desk.  Popular fiction and nonfiction in Spanish and Polish predominate, but we also have titles in French, German and Latin.