Board Documents

Request for Proposal
The Board of Trustees is now accepting proposals for an RFID System to include the following modules:

  • Conversion from barcode to RFID tag regardless of medium of the item,
  • Tagging of a newly acquired item regardless of medium of the item,
  • Real-time interface to SirsiDynix Symphony circulation module, 
  • Staff check-out and check-in of all materials,
  • Patron self-serve check-out stations,
  • Performing inventory with a portable RFID reader, 
  • Activity statistics compilation and display,
  • RFID security gate system to read items not disabled at checkout process.
Click here for the full Request for Proposal, including contact information.

On June 6, 2014, this Addendum was issued to answer questions and clarify some areas of the RFP.

On June 26, 2014, all sealed bids were opened and recorded in an open meeting.