The La Grange Public Library is seeking interested Village residents to run for Library Board of Trustees positions. The Board has seven members who each serve four-year terms.  Elections for Library Trustees are held in April of odd-numbered years.  Terms are for four years.

What does a Library Trustee do?
  1. Represent the community and its library needs.
  2. Represent the library to the general public, and advocate for the needs of the library.
  3. Hire and evaluate the library director.
  4. Create a long-range plan for library services and programs.
  5. Oversee library funds and approve the annual budget.
  6. Support the staff and director in carrying out library programs.
  7. Attend monthly board meetings.

Interested in running for Library Board Member?
Prospective candidates have until December 22, 2014 to file with the Cook County Clerk’s office.

In La Grange, candidates may wish to seek the endorsement of the Citizens Council of La Grange.  Prospective candidates are asked to complete a candidate data sheet by October 15, 2014. For more information about the Citizens Council process, visit

If you have further questions about becoming a Library Board Member, feel free to contact Library Director Jeannie Dilger at 708.215.3200 ext. 273 or

Board Documents