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Donation Opportunities

The La Grange Public Library always welcomes donations. We offer five special donor opportunities.

Materials: Choose from books, CDs, DVDs or periodicals. Please select a broad range of subjects to help us choose a material for you. Any price range is welcome from $15 and up.
Materials Donation Form

Bricks: Select from two sizes of bricks. The west walkway features engraved bricks with your family's name or in memory of a loved one.
4 X 8 Brick $75
8 X 8 Brick $150
Brick Donation Form

Tyler Duelm Memorial Fund: Support children's programming by purchasing leaves or an animal on our Youth Services Mural.
Leaf $25 each

Monkey $250 each
Lion $500 each
Tyler Duelm Fund Form

Chairs: Choose a study chair to commemorate a birthday, special occasion, or the memory of a loved one.
Study Chair $250
Study Chair Donation Form

Do you have something else in mind? Please contact Jeannie Dilger, Library Director, at 708.215.3200 ext. 273.