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Jeannie Dilger Jeannie Dilger

Library Director
dilgerj [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 273
  Ken Vesperman

Facilities Manager
vespermank [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 274
  Linda Montelo

Business Manager
montelol [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 270
  Jennifer Balanoff

AP/Payroll Clerk
balanoffj [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 271
Nicole Zimmermann

Marketing & PR Coordinator
zimmermann [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 277
See what Nikki is reading.
Chuck Johnson

Digital Services Coordinator
708.215.3200 ext. 244


Adult and Young Adult Services 708.215.3220

Debbie Darwine

Department Head
darwined [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 223
Debbie reads everything, but especially loves mysteries.
Jeanne Jesernik

Reference/Programming Librarian
jesernikj [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 226

Reference Associate
Interlibrary Loan

rubackj [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 224
See what Jane is reading.
Jennie Milojevic

Reference Librarian
milojevicj [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 225
See what Jennie is reading.
Lisa Sharkey

Young Adult Librarian
sharkeyl [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 228
See what Lisa is reading.
 Megan Utne

Young Adult Associate
708.215.3200 ext. 228
Migdalia Jimenez

Reference/Programming Librarian
jimenezm [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 227

Patron Services 708.215.3200

Leslie Hartoonian

Department Head
hartoonianl [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 206
Leslie is a voter registrar.
See what Leslie is reading.


Assistant Department Head
fantettim [at]
Melissa is a voter registrar.
Cassie Circulation Clerk
Circulation Clerk
Circulation Clerk

Circulation Clerk
Justin is a voter registrar.
Circulation Clerk
Circulation Clerk
See what Mary is reading.
Circulation Clerk
Circulation Clerk

Technical Services  708.215.3240

Rebecca Bartlett

Department Head
bartlettr [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 240

Linda E.
Technical Services Associate

Maura Technical Services Clerk

Beth Technical Services Clerk

Youth Services 708.215.3210

Vicki Rakowski
Vicki Rakowski

Department Head
rakowskiv [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 212
See what Vicki is reading.
  Patti Eaton

Assistant Department Head
eatonp [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 213
Patti does programming for all ages and loves recommending books to beginning chapter book readers.
Amanda Lopez photo Amanda Youth Services Associate
Amanda loves dressing in costume, performing, and reading graphic novels and hilarious picture books. See what Amanda is reading.

Youth Services Associate
See what Amy is reading.
Youth Services Associate
Rachael Dabkey
Youth Services Librarian
dabkeyr [at]
708.215.3200 ext. 214
Rachael coordinates outreach opportunities with local schools, community organizations, and neighboring libraries.
See what Rachael is reading.




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